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2022 Cincinnati Myeloid and Leukemia Conference: Shilpa Sampathi

This summer (May 2022) I had a chance to visit the neighboring Cincinnati to attend the 13th International Workshop on Myeloid Stem Cells and Leukemia.. Coming from a Myeloid Leukemia and underlying transcription control background, my main goal to attend this meeting was to update myself about the field and to try and apply current technologies to study PRL3’s role in leukemia stem cell biology. Thanks to Jessi for driving me there, amidst a grant deadline. I was also very glad to have Meghan Haney accompany us (who just graduated and matched at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for her residency program). Apart from the great talks, the food was exotic and had a theme to EVERY meal!! Just look at this Moroccan dessert spread at break time!!

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