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Ella’s summer wrap-up!


This summer I worked under Evelyn as a research assistant where we investigated different, non-traditional drugs as radiosensitizers for DIPG tumors. I did this through culturing SCC127 cells and injecting them into zebrafish embryos and testing these drugs both with and without radiation to see if the drugs would allow of the resensitization of radiation to the radioresistant DIPG tumors. Evelyn and I were able to narrow down the drugs based on their effects in vivo and will continue to study them going forward.

I enjoyed the challenge that research brought on and all of the skills and techniques I learned this summer and hope to continue doing more work like this in the future. I would love to thank both Evelyn and Dr. Blackburn for their amazing support and teaching they have done over the summer!

Fish that Ella xenografted with GFP+ DIPG cells! We will miss her and her good hands with the fish when she’s back at Georgetown this fall 🥲  -Jessi
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