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I got married!

Hello Dear Reader,


Exchanging of the rings. Interesting to note, in Spain, the traditional ring finger is the fourth finger on the right hand, not the left. When we got engaged, that provided some amusement and confusion as he tried to put my engagement ring on my right hand, while I kept giving him my left.


I would like to share the very belated, very happy news with you- I got married!! Woo!!! My husband and  I got married May 10th in Arenas de San Pedro, Spain (he is from Spain).

I am including this announcement on the lab website blog because I want to emphasize that it is completely possible to have a fulfilling relationship (and life) outside of lab. Your life doesn’t stop when you enter graduate school, and many people would say that graduate school is actually the best time to start a family because of the flexibility offered. For me, being with my partner has actually been instrumental to my success and sanity while in school. He provides a much needed buffer

Walking down the aisle, surrounded by falling white rose petals

between lab and the “real world,” and without his support and encouragement I may have burnt out a long time ago. I believe the better you are at this fantasy called “work-life balance,” the more productive you will be in lab, and the better scientist you will be in the long run. 


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