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Joanne’s summer in the lab


This week I just wrapped up presenting my summer project with Majd on the potential mechanism involving mitochondrial alterations in Amiloride’s targeting of leukemia-initiating cells (LICs) of T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) through NHE1 inhibition. I was able to look at the mitochondrial phenotype induced by Amiloride treatment and the mitochondrial stress genes involved, all characteristics of a process called mitochondrial fragmentation that has been shown in recent literature to be crucial to cancer stem cells in maintaining their stemness.

There were so many research methods to learn and so much data to analyze, interpret, and digest as my own. But I enjoyed the challenge and thrived under the support that Majd and Dr. Blackburn offered. And I thoroughly appreciated being able to learn much more than just lab skills, observing the focused but still helpful lab environment, efficient communications, and driven individuals.

This summer has become a chapter I will never forget, and I want to thank Majd and Dr. Blackburn once again for having me this summer.

Joanne at the Markey STRONG program final ceremony. We will miss her! -jsb


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