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Lab superstars for June 2023!

Thanks to our June 2023 superstars for making the lab awesome!

Izzy Snyder: One last lab superstar award for Izzy for her general amazingness and for getting everything and everyone organized before she left for her new job as a Research Specialist II at Johns Hopkins. We all will miss her so much!

Beppy Badgett: Started back in the lab after a year away at undergrad and hit the ground running like she never left. She’s already significantly contributed to several projects with Majd!

Eleanor Badgett: Has been quickly picking up new techniques to help Evelyn with projects and has been learning how to use WordPress so we can finally get our lab website updated! It is looking so great!

Eva Aldarondo: Graduated with a Spanish major and is working as our fish facility tech for a few months while she preps for an exam to be certified as a court translator. She does such a great job in the fish lab, knowing that she is there every day watching out for everything is a big stress-relief for all of us!

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