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Majd presents her work at ZDM16!

In October 2023 me and Jessi had the chance to go to Durham-North Carolina to attend the 16th Zebrafish Disease Models Society annual meeting. This meeting brings together researchers using zebrafish to model different human diseases. Research findings from the fields of cancer, skeletal muscle diseases, inflammation, gastrointestinal diseases and others were presented. Presenters shared their expertise on the use of zebrafish for live imaging applications, bioinformatics, genomics, toxicity studies and drug discovery.I was very excited to have my abstract selected for a presentation at the Cancer Research Interest Group. I talked about how we used the zebrafish T-ALL models to identify new targets of leukemia stem cells self-renewal. In addition to the talk, I had the opportunity to present at the poster session and received a lot of constructive feedback from the zebrafish community, especially those in the field of hematological malignancies.

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