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Science Fair Superstars!

Margaret Blair (on the left), our Paul Laurence Dunbar MSTC researcher, just won first place in the Cellular and Molecular Biology section at the Kentucky Science and Engineering Fair, which is the big state science fair! Her project focused on the role of vascular endothelial growth factor in leukemia onset and progression, which she analyzed using light sheet microscopy in living zebrafish, and processed the data using a specialized (read, super high tech) imaging software. Next up, Margaret is presenting her work in a symposium at her high school, will be writing up her research for submission as first author to the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, will work in the lab during the summer to finish up a second project, and then maybe will have time to go to college in the fall :-)  Her friend Megan Guan (on the right) also won first place at the science fair in Biomedical and Health Sciences. Congrats to them both–girls kick butt at STEM!

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