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Science Fair Victory!

Hey everyone!

I recently got to create my very own poster using my data from the lab since November 2016, and I used it to compete in the regional science fair. My project focuses on repurposing a panel of FDA-approved compounds with known ability to inhibit protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors and testing for their activity against T-ALL in a rag2:myc-GFP zebrafish model and a variety of human leukemia cell lines. I presented my poster, enjoyed a discussion with my judges, and ended up getting first place in biochemistry! I will be attending the state science fair next weekend and have loved getting the opportunity to share my results and the hard work I have put into this project. I have had an amazing opportunity working in the Blackburn lab and could not be more grateful for the support I have gotten here.

-Shea Hausman (The High Schooler)

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