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Senior Symposium

Hey, everyone. It’s Shea again!

I recently got to present my research findings on my study repurposing FDA-approved compounds against T-ALL at my school’s senior symposium, which means that I am wrapping up both my senior year and my time in the Blackburn lab all too soon.

I had a great time getting to share the work I have been doing for the past couple of years, and the Blackburn lab showed up in FULL FORCE. Dr. Blackburn, Rachel, Min, and Sergey came to support me, along with a couple of students in my high school program that will soon be in my shoes in the Blackburn lab. It was both sentimental and exciting. Rachel and the team gave me a travel mug with little notes from the whole crew, and I definitely got a little teary.

I look forward to continuing work in the lab for the next couple of months before I move to my next big adventure. They’re a pretty great team.

-Shea Hausman

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