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STRONG program recap: Angelica Rivera-Martinez

This past summer, I had the privilege of working in the Blackburn Lab as part of the Markey STRONG Program. I applied for this program because I have a passion for working with cancer patients in the future as a physician and I wanted to get some experience in a research lab on a project that genuinely interested me. Before this experience, I had never been in a research lab and was brand new to almost every protocol used in the lab. However, everyone in the lab was very friendly and accommodating, always willing to answer questions or walk me through a procedure. I was able to build professional relationships as well as friendships during my time in the lab. For the most part, I was in charge of screening zebrafish injected with leukemia cells and various drugs to track tumor burden/growth. I was able to use a fluorescent microscope to screen the zebrafish, and even got to inject a few fish! At the end of the summer, I was able to work with both Jessi and my mentor Majd to create a scientific poster and present my work at an Undergraduate Research Symposium. This opportunity is also allowing me to present at the ABRCMS conference in November! Overall, I had a wonderful time in the Blackburn Lab and am appreciative of every person who has helped me this summer!

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