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Welcome to the lab, Majd!

My name is Majd Al Hamaly, and I am the newest member of the Blackburn lab. I have started in May 2022 after completing the IBS year, and I am working toward a PhD in Pharmacology. I have a master’s degree in Pharmaceutical sciences from the University of Jordan, completed a graduate fellowship in the responsible conduct of research and research ethics, and I have professional working experience in the pharmaceutical industry research and clinical drug development.

As part of the IBS program students are expected to do rotations in different labs before deciding on their “home” lab for their PhD, I met Jessi and completed a two-month rotation at the Blackburn lab where I was assigned to a mini-project, attended lab meetings, and delivered a presentation.I had so many reasons for joining the Blackburn lab.

First the lab structure, Jessi makes sure to foster an organized and structured environment in the lab, we have regular meetings as groups and individuals, we have clear expectations and goals for each person/ project, and we have clear channels for communication and follow-up on projects’ progress. The lab uses diverse techniques and different models including cell lines, zebrafish, and mouse models to answer complex research questions. The Blackburn lab has a strong technical infrastructure that any grad student would be lucky to harness to build their portfolio of techniques and incorporate into their project. The lab members have a wide range of expertise, the team meet often to exchange feedback and ideas on the projects going on in the lab in a positive scientific atmosphere, and everyone is always ready to help.

Most importantly, the mentor! Jessi puts so much effort into cultivating a productive scientific environment, she takes a genuine interest and puts effort in her student’s professional development and career goals. I feel very lucky to be part of the lab family, and I am excited for the things coming!


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