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Caroline has been appointed to the AACR Associate Member Council!!!

Caroline was recently selected to be part of the Associate Member Council at the American Association of Cancer Research. The council is made up of graduate students and post-docs, and they are the representative body for all associate members world-wide (currently 13,000!) There are only 12 members of the council (only one other member besides Caroline doesn’t yet have a PhD), and just 4 new members were chosen this year after a highly competitive application process. The job of the Associate Member Council is to promote AACR to early-career scientists, create career development opportunities for associate members, represent the associate member interests to the governing board of AACR, and hopefully for Caroline, have fun and make some great connections with cancer researchers all over the world! Caroline is at AACR this year and has started the first year of her four-year term. Caroline has been very involved in service to the cancer research community for years, and this is a huge honor for her, and a great recognition of all of the positive things she is doing for the community. Everyone in the lab, the Biochemistry department, and the cancer center are all really excited to have her involved in something this big. She is making us all look good, as usual! Here she is at AACR with Dr. Mark Evers, Director of the Markey Cancer Cancer.

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